Electronic design, build and supply

        Looking for someone to design a pcb? Build a pcb? Supply parts?

 Designs and more

Having a broad design background at New Age Automotive Electronics, these skills are available for any electronic design purpose. We can help you with your design needs.

Anything from advice on a project to helping with a production run of your product.

Schematics and pcb generation


Parts sourcing and fabrication

 Need help? Ask us - we can assist you!

 Location: Franklin Drive, Estella NSW 2650

Spare parts for New Age Automotive Electronics equipment

Looking for repairs or spare parts for equipment built by New Age Automotive Electronics? We can provide most of the original pcb assemblies and other special items for the range of EFI test machines and ultrasonic baths. Ask for a quote. Note: some items are made to order.



 E-mail: peter.repairs@gmail.com